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Most first time home buyers wouldn't have the perspective to really know just how much of a gift the Keith Collins team is for anyone trying to finance a home. Having had a previous broker (which you can read about in another review of mine), I can speak from experience as to the professionalism, honesty and transparency of Keith Collins and his staff.

In his initial meeting, Keith explained multiple options for financing our first home, including ways to save even more money months down the line, promising that he and his team will be in touch and looking out for us long after the initial transaction. Going through the process, Keith's team was just as helpful and professional. Joy Patterson went through every line of the loan estimate with us to make sure we completely understood it, and even told us how she enjoys helping clients and loves to explain and educate. She and Beth Gomez did a fantastic job gathering all the information needed for the underwriter and keeping all of my documents and information organized. If there was something they needed, Beth always presented what was required as an easy to follow list.

There was not a single instance in which someone on the Keith Collin's team wasn't available to answer a question or assist when needed. Everything went very smoothly on the loan side of the process. One of the best things was receiving e-mail updates every step of the way, and also watching the boxes get checked off each time a little more progress was made. Everything closed on the estimated date, and we couldn't be more pleased with our choice to have Keith Collins and his team handle the biggest financial transaction of our lives.

Storm B.

Sacramento, CA